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Tyndale STEPBible Data Repository CC BY 4.0

Data created initially by Tyndale House Cambridge now curated by
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A registered UK charity (Reg # pending) run by Bible scholars and computer enthusiasts, as well as members who help decide priorities.
The datasets are based on work by scholars at Tyndale House - an international Biblical Studies research institute in Cambridge, UK (see

The repository aims to provide reliable and freely usable data for studying the Bible without any denominational or doctrinal bias. Much of the data is derivative from other publically licenced sources, and has been compared with other non-public sources so that differences can be checked by Tyndale scholars. Corrections and proposed updates are welcomed - please send them to for checking.

Datasets available

The data is available as downloadable tab-separated text files (see notes on the data format below). The following datasets are already posted

Datasets coming

The followins datasets are still being finished and/or being checked. If you see data that you have need of which isn’t yet available, please contact us and perhaps you can become part of the checking process.

Data format

Data is in plain unicode text (UTF-8) with fields separated by tabs, so that they can be loaded into any text editor or spreadsheet.

Error reporting

Please report all errors at See Current reported errors